2017 Clergy Survey

The 2017 Clergy Experiences of Ministry Survey (EMS) went live on Tuesday 23rd May and will close on Friday 30th June.

The EMS is the final stage of a series of surveys previously conducted in 2011, 2013 and 2015 in which all clergy in England were invited to participate. The aim was to collect data on a nationally representative sample of clergy at each time-point, but also to follow a cohort of clergy across these time-points to better understand how their experiences change and the effects these changes have.

The survey covers issues relating to clergy’s day-to-day role, their diocese, perceptions of spiritual and numerical growth and their health and well-being. The 2017 Survey is particularly focused on understanding what forms of continuing ministerial education and development are of value and whether clergy are able to access them.

Why haven't I been invited?

Participants are invited to take part via email. We may not have contacted you because:

  • You have previously opted out from receiving emails relating to Archbishops' Council research
  • You don't have an email address in Crockford's or your email address is out of date
  • You are a participant in the Living Ministry Research project (we don't like to over survey you!)

If you're ordained (and have completed your curacy), in any active ministry in the Church of England, including Diocese in Europe (i.e. we're not just interested in stipended parochial clergy) and haven't been invited for any of the above reasons you are still very welcome to take part. You can do so by clicking on the purple button below.

Take part now

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