Calling Far and Wide Project

The Calling Far and Wide (CFW) project is a collection of studies aiming to examine the activities and experiences of clergy engaged in ministry within Higher Education chaplaincy, Pioneering and Assistant ministry. This research builds on an existing research project that made a comparative study of incumbents in 2013: The Patterns of Priestly Practice (3P) project.

The CFW project is formed of a mix of qualitative and quantitative studies that has been conducted via a series of interviews, surveys and diaries. The theme of the research that links the studies is the examination of ‘ministry on the edge’, either in terms of role or in terms of activity. The research has been carried out by a team from King’s College London, led by Drs Mike Clinton, Jane Sturges and Ali Budjanovcanin. It is supported by the National Continuing Ministry Development Panel.

The project received ethical approval by a King’s College London Ethics Panel.

Questions about the overall project should be directed to Dr Mike Clinton. Queries in relation use of the research within the Church context should be directed to Dr Tim Ling, Head of Ministry Development, Ministry Division.

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