Continuing Ministerial Education and Development

The espoused purpose of CMD is to strengthen and deepen a lifelong learning culture within each diocese.

Good practice in both provision and participation are ultimately evidenced in spiritual and numerical growth with the Church’s ministers more fully engaged in God’s mission themselves, in the variety of roles they have been licensed to as public representative ministers, and better able to stimulate and enable the whole Church to respond to its call.

The practice of CMD is Regulated in the Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Regulations:

CMD Regulation

The Archbishops' Council has also issued Guidance setting out advice in relation to the purpose, provision and appropriate participation in CMD.

CMD focuses not just on learning and training but takes seriously the flourishing of the whole person in their ministerial context. It cannot seek to meet all the individual needs of everyone but aims to create a normative environment in which developmental learning is recognized as a hallmark of professional good practice as well as a central aspect of discipleship. It is also a means by which we exercise grateful stewardship of the talents which God has entrusted to us, both as individuals and as the Church.


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