Experiences of Ministry Project

The Project started in 2010 as a five-year process of research and consultation that aimed to build and share knowledge on what best supports and sustains the flourishing of priestly ministry.

Central to the project was the recognition that ministry may encompass a diverse range of tasks, identities and settings, both between different groups of clergy and also across an individual role, and that these tasks, identities and settings are likely to further change across a life spent engaged in ministry. It was therefore designed to follow a cohort of clergy over an extended period to time.

This project is now in its sixth year and over 5000 clergy have taken part in aspects of the research. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to take part.

Now in its maturity the project is helping to inform national strategies for supporting ministry and to shape the emphasis of continuing ministerial education and development. This is made possible by asking clergy to share their personal experiences and views. You can find more details of the research and its findings on these pages.

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