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Background information for those new to the Friday Mailing

Friday Mailing has an established role in communicating with those with a wide range of adult education responsibilities in Church of England dioceses. Friday Mailing aims to communicate and share relevant information and resources relating to adult learning in the church, and to ensure that details of key developments are passed on to dioceses and diocesan officers with a wide range of educational roles, including those helping to resource lay, parish and shared ministry development, various strands of ministerial training, and ongoing CMD.  

This bulletin was started in 2000 for those with adult education responsibilities in Church of England dioceses. It is distributed electronically via a ‘mailchimp’ list. While the mailing is designed to serve C of E dioceses, the circulation has steadily expanded, and we are pleased that an increasing number of people from other denominations and education contexts also find it useful.

If you know anyone else who might find it useful to receive the bulletin, please let them know about 'Friday Mailing'.

A few practical points to note:

  • We find it best not to include attachments in the Friday Mailing, and instead give e-mail contact details so those who want can request further information. If you have a document or advertisement on offer as an attachment, please describe it briefly and include an e-mail address or web link.  
  • We only include information about training services that can be “bought in” if they come with a descriptive commendation from a diocesan training officer who has experience of these. 
  • If you wish to 'unsubscribe' or change your e-mail address at any point you can do so directly.  You need to unsubscribe from the old address (button at the bottom of each Friday mailing).

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