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If we are to learn to discern better God's call as we seek to serve we need to attend to the quality of our community and its ongoing formation. This website is offered as a space to help in the development of a 'gracious and open community' of practitioners better able to discern and serve. Please do join in and help us as we seek to equip and develop the Church's ministers in order that they in turn may stimulate and enable the whole Church to participate more fully in God's mission in the world.

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"Closer attention to the Eucharistic liturgy can suggest a great deal about the forms of learning that are called for in worship and discipleship, and about their relations to other practices of enquiry and so to other enquirers. It turns out that the picture of learning suggested is not one of competitive achievement, where the knowledge that Christians secure stands over against, and trumps, the knowledge secured by others...  It is, rather, a form of learning understood as the reception of a gift; it is a form of learning that involves travelling humbly the way of the cross; and it is a form of learning that inherently involves participation in a certain kind of gracious and open community." Mike Higton

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