Institute of Education Research

Researchers from the Institute of Education have carried out two pieces of work on behalf of the RME Task Group.

1. A Review of Quality Assurance and Enhancement in Ministerial Formation for the Church of England, by Paul Grainger, September 2014

The effectiveness of current Quality Assurance procedures was reviewed in relation to knowledge and skills required of ministers and comparative perspectives from other vocational professions.

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2. Experiences of Ministerial Education, by Michael Reiss, Tamjid Mujtaba and Richard Sheldrake, October 2014

Researchers carried out a quantitative survey of 436 ministers and 61 educators and qualitative interviews with 56 ministers, to explore the effectiveness of ministerial education in relation to a range of factors including training pathway, skills and aptitudes, length of training and selection procedures. Two reports were produced, Part 1 presenting the main findings addressed to the research hypotheses, and Part 2 including more detail and exploring additional themes and questions that arose during the research.

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Read Experiences of Ministerial Education Part 2

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