Meet the team

You may hear from a few different people as the Living Ministry project progresses. Here's a bit more about who is involved and what they all do.

Liz GravelingDr Liz Graveling is the Ministry Division's Research Officer and leads the Living Ministry project, overseeing its design, implementation and dissemination. She is particularly involved with the focus groups and other qualitative data collection and analysis.



Dr Bev BottingDr Bev Botting is Head of Research & Statistics for the Church of England and advises on the Living Ministry research. She is not involved in the analysis of Living Ministry data but holds the names and contact details of participants and administers the surveys and other communications, thus protecting your anonymity.



Dr Olga CaraDr Olga Cara is Senior Research Fellow at UCL's Institute of Education. She is has expertise in longitudinal studies and focuses particularly on the panel survey, working on its design and leading the statistical analysis.




Naomi MaynardMrs Naomi Maynard is part of the research team, bringing her extensive experience of qualitative research to facilitating Living Ministry focus groups.





Mr Will Hanford is Communications Officer for the Ministry Division. He ensures appropriate and timely communication of the research and its findings to a range of stakeholders with an interest in the flourishing of ordained ministers.

Living Ministry is also supported by a Stakeholder Group and an informal Advisory Group. Please click here for details.


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