Research & Resources

The Ministry Development team support the work of dioceses through the provision of robust qualitative and quantitative research into what enables ministers to flourish in ministry. In undertaking this work it aspires to deliver on the Ministry Council's aspirations to develop evidence based approaches to policy development and to model the learning culture we espouse.

The Church of England needs to reflect deeply on the provision, support and formation of lay and ordained ministry in dioceses and parishes.

You will find on these pages:

  • the fruits of research work, e.g. Gender in Ministry reports
  • details of exciting work in progress, e.g. the Living Ministry project
  • opportunities for funding, e.g. the Women's Ministerial Education Trust
  • means to engage in your own research, e.g. the Lambeth research degree

If you have ideas for additional resources or simply some feedback on what is posted here. Please do get in touch. Thank you.

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