Resourcing Ministerial Education

Background to the research programmeRME consultation

The Resourcing Ministerial Education (RME) Task Group was established by the Ministry Council in March 2014, to review the current forms of initial ministerial education, including access to different training pathways and funding arrangements.

For the full terms of reference and details of the task group, please visit the RME pages on the Church of England website.

How the research was conducted

In order to achieve its goals, the RME task group has carried out, commissioned and drawn on a range of research projects, eliciting qualitative and quantitative data from priests and ordinands in various stages and areas of ministry, and representing the voices of ministers, theological educators and institutions, bishops, dioceses, and staff of National Church Institutions. These include:

Each study remains the work of its author(s) and does not necessarily represent the views of the Task Group or the Ministry Council. The Task Group is deeply grateful to all those who have put time and effort into compiling such a rich resource base.

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The reports can be accessed via the links above or on the left hand side of this page, when viewed on most browsers.

The consultation process and emerging themes

In October 2014, initial findings from the research were shared with representatives from TEIs, diocesan officers and staff of Ministry Division at three consultations, which took place in Manchester, Bristol and London. Feedback was elicited on the findings and their implications for dioceses, TEIs and Ministry Division (relating to three key areas of quality, flexibility and growth), and then collated and thematically analysed.

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