Self-Supporting Ministers

Self-supporting ministry is a key area for engagement for the Ministry Division and across the Church of England in response to the priority to ‘re-imagine ministry’ agreed by the current General Synod.

In 2013 and 2015 Ministry Division hosted national consultations on this area of ministry, broadly conceived. Research has also been conducted in a number of dioceses both by independent researchers and diocesan officers.

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The consultations and the research has continued to bring fresh insights and learning both locally and nationally. New patterns of ministry are also emerging within the Church and this is an opportune time to reconnect and shape the self supporting ministry agenda.

The 2015 SSM consultation day, took place at Prospero House in London on May 16th. 

Continuing the conversation from 2013 the 2015 Consultation gathered a range of interested parties together for a day of input, discussion and reflection. Representatives from diocese with a specific SSM remit were joined by individual SSMs and delegates from CHRISM and other supportive organisations. Each diocese was invited to send two representatives to the consultation.

The purpose of the day was to

  • Affirm the ministry of self supporting ministers across the Church of England

  • Resource conversations and development of self supporting ministry for the next 5 years

  • Reflect on recent research on self supporting ministry, surfacing implications, expectations and challenges for the future, building on learning from the 2013 consultation.

Bishop of Sheffield addresses national consultation

Material from the day has been collated, and is available through the links on this page.This includes the presentation powerpoints, answers from the table templates in both Wordle and list format, and notes from the fishbowl exercise, along with a more reflective summary. 

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