TEI Contributions

Theological Education Institutions were invited by the Task Group to submit contributions to the Resourcing Ministerial Education programme. These came in a variety of formats, including some items of personal communication that are not listed here. The Task Group is grateful to all those who provided them.


Davison, A. (undated), ‘The Theological and Pastoral Formation of Ordinands to the Priesthood in the Context of Current Secular Culture and Inter-Faith Dialogue: A response from Westcott House to the editor of Open Theology’, Westcott House, Cambridge

Higton, M. (2013), ‘Theological Education between the University and the Church: Durham University and the Common Awards in Theology, Ministry and Mission’, Journal of Adult Theological Education 10 (1): 25-37

McIntosh, I. (2014), ‘Formation in the Margins: The Holy Spirit and Living with Transitions in Part-Residential Theological Education’, Journal of Adult Theological Education 11 (2): 139-149

Seeley, M., ‘Westcott House – Ordinands’ Report of Particularly Valued Elements of Training’, May 2014, Westcott House, Cambridge

Seeley, M. & A. Norman (2012), Bishops' Roundtable: What Kind of Clergy do we Need?, Conference Report, Westcott House & Ridley Hall, Cambridge

Shepherd, N. (2012), ‘Action Research as Professional Development: Educating for Performative Knowledge and Enhancing Theological Capital’, Journal of Adult Theological Education 9 (2): 121-138

Shepherd, N. & S. Nash (2014), ‘Solid Steps on Shifting Sand: Theological Education for Work with Children, Young People and Young Adults’, Journal of Adult Theological Education 11 (1): 5-19

South Central Regional Training Partnership, ‘Challenging Curacies’, Research Report, March 2012

United Reformed Church (2006), Training Committee Review – The Assembly 2005 Principles: Stage One, Report to URC General Assembly 2006

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